Nude VS Boudoir

Nude VS Boudoir

To each it’s own but the one thing I find in really good Boudoir photography is what you don’t see in a photograph, The less you see when it comes to the form of a beautiful subject is what makes it most intriguing, leaving something for the mind to ponder giving the connoisseur of photographic art something to imagine and or to fantasise about, if you put it all out there all at once theres’s nothing left just a big hole in your head with an emptiness you can’t do anything with like having a one night stand with a total stranger and once its over as fast as it began you just shrug your shoulders and move on leaving you with no real sensitivity for the person you just slept with making you no different than an animal in the woods, It’s why collections of the Boudoir photography are so very popular simply because the photographs leave something for the Imagination like an artist looking at a blank canvas just before the first stroke of their brush, As a photographer I find shooting someone completely nude showing all their secrets in one shot is just one big waste of time unless it’s for a particular reason for ones personal collection or medical journal and or article, One of the reasons some of the first mens & women’s nude magazines were so popular is because of what was not shown, Today you go to any website or pornografic magazine publication and there it all is right in your face and more than likely the biggest reason why the industry itself has become so boring by¬†desensitised so many people, The industry relies on all those who are becoming of age and just now discovering the world of nudity and it is a shame that these coming of age adults are not exposed to it properly like the older generation was in the beginning of the sexual revolution and I believe it sends the wrong message to the new viewers distorting the original purpose of the nude form and the art of Boudoir photography.

Article by Photojournalist James P. Grierson


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